Why Is It Beneficial To Service Your AC System Twice A Year?

No matter what kind of air conditioning system you have, it is essential to maintain it properly to ensure its effectiveness. If you’ve owned a heat pump, you may have heard how vital it is to keep the system running because it is used all year round. 

But what if you have a ductless or traditional central air conditioning system? You still need to plan your air conditioner’s maintenance every two years. In Wesley Chapel, there are soaring temperatures for the majority of the year. 

We use our cooling systems significantly more—typically for 8–9 months—than other regions of the country, which may only use them for 3–4 months of the year. The system is subjected to more use and wear; as a result, it necessitates twice-yearly maintenance to postpone Wesley Chapel, FL air repair.

1. Importance of AC Maintenance Twice a Year

If you’re serious about keeping your AC system in top shape, you’ll want to spend money on service both in the spring and in the fall—or at least twice a year as long as the appointments are spaced six months apart. It’s never too early or late to schedule air conditioning maintenance, so if you haven’t in at least that long, now is the time!

2. What is Covered by AC Service?

Several different events take place during AC maintenance by a reputed AC company in Wesley Chapel, FL, all of which improve the performance and durability of your AC.

  • To make sure that your AC’s components are operating as smoothly as possible, the specialist will lubricate them. 
  • Airflow and electricity will both be measured. The AC expert will alert you if something is wrong if it is found.
  • Every component of the air conditioner will be examined, from the blower to the condenser to the ductwork. 
  • Your condensate drain is another area that gets clogged up frequently because air conditioners don’t run as often, and mold and gunk can accumulate more quickly than you might think.
  • Every HVAC system we install has a ceiling saver switch that will shut it down if the condensate drain becomes clogged.
  • Your AC technician from an experienced AC company in Wesley Chapel will also examine your thermostat to ensure it is accurate and works correctly with your AC system. 
  • In essence, you can anticipate a thorough inspection of your AC, one that also involves a lot of maintenance. Ensuring the AC runs as efficiently as possible is the entire point of AC servicing.

3. Maintenance Advice for Air Conditioners

You should provide your air conditioner with additional maintenance throughout the year and your yearly AC maintenance appointment. The following are some of the maintenance tasks that are suggested for you to carry out:

  • Changing the HVAC filter.
  • Cleaning the condenser area.
  • Pour vinegar down the drain for condensate.
  • Watch out for your vent covers.

If you have inquiries related to air conditioner repair in Wesley Chapel, FL, contact Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC in. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled professionals for any of your HVAC needs.

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