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Which Air Conditioner System Matches Your Needs?

During the summer, one has to deal with the 87° F to 89° F temperatures in Wesely, FL. With weather so extreme, a perfect air conditioning unit is required to provide you with comfort. If you don’t choose your AC considering some factors, you may need continuous air conditioner repairs in Wesley Chapel, FL.

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Select the New AC Based on the Following Factors

Energy Efficiency

If you are replacing your old air conditioning unit and already have an air duct installed at your home, you may need a central air conditioner instead of a split AC system.

However, you can also switch to a mini-split for more energy efficiency. Before installing a mini-split, you will have to get the ductwork removed. This process will cost your time, and the installation can be a bit more expensive.

Number of People

The cooling requirements also depend on family members. If the entire family has the same cooling requirement, you should choose a highly efficient central air conditioning unit.

Choose central air conditioning, especially when you want even temperature everywhere in your home. However, if you want to control the temperature of each room separately, you will need a ductless mini-split AC.

Sizing is Essential

Size is one of the essential factors in choosing an air conditioning unit. Calculate the square footage of your home and multiply it by 25. This way, you will get to know how much BTU level your new air conditioning should have.

For instance, 150 square footage will require a BTU capacity of 3750, and a 1.5-ton AC has this much capacity. Hence, for 150 square footage, one will need a 1.5-ton AC.

The Energy Consumption

Your future utility expenses depend on how much energy your air conditioning unit consumes. Choose air conditioning with a SEER rating of 16 or above.

The energy efficiency below 16 may cost you high utility bills. You can also get energy rebates if you install a highly energy-efficient ductless air conditioning system.

Be Fully Prepared for AC Installation

After choosing the correct AC model, comes the time for AC installation. Even for the AC installation, you should consider several points, such as:

  • A building permit
  • Trustworthy contractor
  • Wiring of your house

After the installation, you should schedule AC service in Wesley Chapel, FL, annually to prevent premature damage and unnecessary repairs.

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