Tips To Conserve Energy In Summer

Constantly running AC during scorching summer days might be disastrous for your wallet, accounting for a significant portion of your energy expenditure.

By implementing these straightforward summertime energy-saving techniques, you may easily stay within your comfort zone with the temperature and your budget.

Guidelines for Summer Energy Efficiency

Improve the Effectiveness of the Thermostat Settings

According to Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning experts, adjusting your thermostat in the summer to 78 degrees can reduce your yearly energy costs. Remember that you can save up to 3% on your cooling bills for every degree your thermostat increases above 72 degrees.

Transform to LED Lights

Up to 90% of the energy used by incandescent lamps can be converted into heat, considerably warming your home. These can also help you save energy costs because these units use 75% less energy and last 50 times longer than conventional lights.

Clean the Air Filters

The significance of air filters for your air conditioner and health cannot be overstated. By capturing this dirt, air filters ensure that the air entering the system is free of debris that could harm various components and enhance indoor air quality.

Use a Ceiling Fan

The wind-chill effect produced by fans, cool people rather than rooms. The AC company in Wesley Chapel suggests that while you shower, use the bathroom fan to remove heat and humidity from your house. Ensure that the outdoors, not the attic, is where bathroom and kitchen fans are vented.

Close the Drapes

There are other options than using the air conditioner to keep your house cool in the heat. According to AC repair in Wesley Chapel experts, if all the blinds and drapes are drawn, your rooms won’t overheat and will become easy to cool with an air conditioner.

Ensure that the Vents are Open

Make sure the vents in any vacant rooms in your house are open rather than shut. Whether or not a room is inhabited, keeping the vents open will help your system run more effectively. To prevent cool air from leaking into the walls, you should periodically check your ducts and vents for leaks.

Upgrade the System

Even with routine maintenance, HVAC equipment older than ten years will use more energy than necessary. Experts of AC repair in Wesley Chapel, FL suggest cutting your energy costs in half, by upgrading or replacing your system.

Maintain the Insulation

Insulate your home to prevent cool air from leaking through the walls, doors, and windows. Your AC will need to run longer and use more energy if cool air circulates out of your house regularly. Insulation aids in reducing energy costs.

Proper Cleaning

The clutter around it may hamper your air conditioner’s efficiency. Obstacles to free airflows, such as plants and boxes, cause issues with the operation of your system. To prevent the problems like this, ensure the area around the exterior unit is sufficiently empty.

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