Noises Indicating The Need To Contact An Expert For AC Repair

An air conditioner is an HVAC device with numerous parts and components. Without an efficient air conditioner, you cannot be comfortable indoors. Allow Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality LLC – the best AC company in Wesley Chapel, FL to help you maintain the efficiency of your system.

Since an air conditioner cannot speak, you need to identify the signs that indicate your air conditioner is facing some issues. Numerous noises come from an air conditioner, and only a professional technician who provides AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel knows them all. 

Noises That Indicate Your AC Needs Repair:


Banging noises can be due to two reasons. The first reason is a malfunctioning compressor that causes loud noises similar to a banging sound.

Another reason can be loose parts inside your system that start banging at the walls of your air conditioner, creating this sound. A banging sound can also be due to any foreign object inside the air conditioner that is hitting its structure. Contact our technician for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL if the noises remain.


A screeching noise has many reasons. One of the reasons is damaged fans inside your air conditioner. These fans are responsible for removing excess heat from your home for a comfortable stay. 

If the blades of these fans are damaged, they will hit each other while rotating, and there will be a screeching noise. Contact Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality LLC, the best AC company in Wesley Chapel, to repair the blades.

Another reason can be less lubrication in the ball bearings of these fans. Less lubrication can create a screeching sound when the fan rotates on its axis. 

Another possible reason could be a dislocated fan belt, causing a screeching sound from your air conditioner.

Irrespective of the reason, you should contact a professional HVAC company that provides AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel to look into the matter.


A defective relay switch can cause a humming noise from your air conditioner. The work of a relay switch is to start the functioning of the outside unit of your cooling system. 

The relay switch and the thermostat are in sync, so that the problem could be with the thermostat or the relay switch.

You should not try to fix or replace the relay switch yourself. If the humming sound continues, contact a reputed AC company, such as Allow Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality LLC, in Wesley Chapel, to help you.


A buzzing sound is a severe problem in your air conditioner. While rotating, the fan blades can give out this sound if their axis is loose. Loose fan blades are dangerous, and you should contact our company in Wesley Chapel air conditioning repair once you detect this.

Dirty condenser coils can also be the cause of a buzzing sound. However, the most prominent reason for a buzzing sound can be refrigerant leakage. 

Refrigerant leakages decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner and can cost you heavily if you do not fix them at the earliest. Hire our technician who provides AC maintenance services in Wesley Chapel to check this noise.


A rattling noise is not a severe issue if the noise is due to leaves and twigs inside your system. Sometimes, leaves and stones can enter your air conditioner through the outside unit and create a rattling noise when the system works. 

A thorough cleaning from our technician who provides AC repair in Wesley Chapel, FL should fix this sound.

A malfunctioning contractor can also create rattling noise. The contractor is directly in sync with your compressor. Any damage to the contractor will eventually damage the compressor, so you should contact a technician for AC repair in Wesley Chapel.


The most common reason for a clicking sound can be a malfunctioning thermostat. As you know, your thermostat controls the temperature settings of your air conditioner. 

A problematic thermostat can disturb the working of your cooling system. Contacting our technician in Wesley Chapel for air conditioning repair services can fix this problem.

If there is a continuous clicking sound when your system works, it may indicate a connectivity issue between the thermostat and your system. A thorough inspection by our technician who provides AC repair in Wesley Chapel can help you make the right decision for your thermostat.


Usually, an air conditioner gives off a hissing sound when there is a refrigerant leakage inside it. 

If the hissing sound remains long, you should check the condenser coils for leakage. Contact our technician in Wesley Chapel for air conditioning repair to check the problem.

Another possible reason for a hissing noise can be cloggings in the air filters. If dust and dirt are clogging your air filters, they will create a hissing sound when air passes through them. Replace your air filters timely to avoid such issues.


Bubbling noises from an air conditioner are associated with water issues. Water issues like leakages or blockages in the drain lines can cause a bubbling noise from the cooling system. 

Minor leakages do not require professional attention; if you have some experience in repairing drain pipes, you can repair them yourself. However, if the leaks are significant and you have no experience, it is best to trust Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality LLC, which provides dependable AC repair in Wesley Chapel.


If your air conditioner or other HVAC appliances are troubling you with problems, you need not worry. Allow Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality LLC, the best AC company in Wesley Chapel, to fix them for you. Our customers trust us, and we trust our years of experience and skills for our high-quality work.

Contact us to hire the best HVAC company in Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning repair and other services.

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