Know Your Air Conditioner’s Cooling Limitations

Your AC, like any other electric appliance, has its limits. You might not be able to identify them as long as your AC works fine and continues providing you with cool air.

Is your AC always able to provide you with cooling? If it fails, you will have no other option than AC replacement in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Read this article to understand the limits of your AC:

1. The 20 ℉ Limit

The job of an AC is to reduce the temperature inside your home. However, no matter how strong a regular AC might be, it cannot reduce the temperature inside the home to more than 20 ℉ compared to the outside temperature.

This means that if the temperature outside your home is 100 ℉, the AC can take down the temperature inside your home to as low as 80 ℉ and not lower. This, too, is supported by many factors such as the ventilation and insulation of your home, the levels of sunlight that enter your home, etc.

If you wish to achieve a lower temperature than the 20 ℉ limits, you set the settings of the AC to a lower temperature. E.g., if the temperature outside is 80 ℉ and you set the temperature of the AC to 60 ℉ F, your AC won’t stop running until the set temperature is received.

It will keep running the compressor to try harder to achieve your desired temperature. This will eventually put a lot of strain on the AC and its components. As a result, problems such as burning out of the compressor or damage to the motors will be caused.

Therefore, it is advised that the temperature you set for your AC to achieve should not be lower than a limit of 20 ℉ compared to the temperatures outside. You only want your AC to provide you with comfortable air and do not intend to harm it in return. And in any case, a temperature 20 ℉ lower than what is outside is quite comfortable and cool.

2. Why Do the ACs Come With Such Limits?

After knowing this fact, people often ask, aren’t there any ACs that surpass this limit? Yes, there are. But those are not meant for compact spaces such as homes. If you install an AC with such a big capacity as your home, you won’t be able to take the freezing air they impart!

ACs are built keeping in mind their purpose of use. ACs with a 20 ℉ limit is enough for a home, as they gradually help provide cool air to the people of the house. ACs with more capacities are found in places that require enormous cooling, such as commercial freezers or large indoors that require a lot of cooling.

However, if your AC cannot impart cool air within the 20 ℉ limits also, it probably needs service or repairing or an AC tune-up in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Cut your AC some slack because it is not its fault if the temperatures are too high outside, be patient and let it normalize the temperatures inside the house.

keeping your ACs’ limits in mind, you should take care of it so it can function better for the long run!

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