How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Unit Is Broken?

It is important to take care of our air conditioners to deal with high temperatures. Using them excessively increases the chances of damage due to wear and tear to our air conditioners.

Here are some signs that indicate the need for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL area:

Warm Air

Keeping a comfortable temperature in your home requires cool air from your air conditioner. However, if your system produces warm air instead, it indicates that it is broken and needs to be repaired.

Many factors could cause the system to give out warm or no cool air, such as malfunctioning thermostats, dirty air filters, faulty condensers, low refrigerant levels, faulty compressors, and clogged vents. Make sure your thermostat and filters are working before contacting a technician.


If the air conditioner doesn’t start when you turn it on, it is time to get in touch with an expert if you have this problem more frequently. Before contacting your technician, check the following factors to see if they are causing the problem.

  • The breaker that connects the air conditioner to the electricity source should be checked. An air conditioner’s electricity connection may have been hindered by a flipped breaker caused by a voltage difference.
  • Ensure the thermostat settings are at the correct temperature to ensure comfort.
  • It is imperative to clean the air filters, as the system will not work if it has to work harder to push cool air out.

Your technician can provide an AC tune-up in Zephyrhills, FL, once you are sure the above factors are not contributing to the breakdown of your system.

High Energy Bills

There is a direct connection between your energy bills and your air conditioner’s efficiency. When your energy bills haven’t changed substantially for two consecutive months, you know your electrical appliances are working efficiently.

Nevertheless, you might need to check your air conditioner if your energy bills have increased despite not adding a new appliance to your home. If your air conditioner is inefficient or broken, it will consume more energy to maintain the indoor temperature, increasing your energy bills. Contact your technician if you notice any changes in the working pattern of your air conditioner.

Water Spills

You may notice that your air conditioner produces moisture while it works because it uses coolant to keep your home cool. 

If your air conditioner accumulates water or leaks aggressively, it is likely not functioning properly. A leaky AC system can cause significant structural damage to your home and cause it to deteriorate rapidly. A professional air conditioner repair is therefore recommended as soon as possible. 

Inadequate Airflow

An obstruction in your home’s ductwork may prevent air from relocating through the ventilation system, resulting in poor air circulation. An inadequate airflow could be caused by a clogged air filter, a faulty motor, or something more serious.

Whenever your home lacks airflow, experts recommend investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. Each time your air conditioning device cycles, it can exchange harmful fumes for fresh air, helping it run more efficiently. You may also benefit from your air conditioner if you have a zoning system. The system can ensure that you have adequate airflow and cooling capacity where you need it most.


When your air conditioner switches on with a loud bang or makes tinkling or crackling noises while working, it indicates internal problems. Your technician will help you determine the cause of these noises and restore efficiency.


You can extend your air conditioner’s service by 12 to 15 years with routine maintenance. The systems will require frequent maintenance as they age, and their efficiency will decrease. Older air conditioners break down more often, so it’s a sign they need to be replaced.

1. What is the Average Repair Time for an Air Conditioner?

Before delving into how long it takes in Wesley Chapel, FL for air conditioning, it is important to remember that it depends on the issue. The average time to replace an air conditioner is between 4 and 8 hours. The job will take 8 to 14 hours if you simultaneously replace your furnace and air conditioner.

  • It can take days rather than hours to repair damaged or leaky ductwork. Depending on the size of the house or structure, it may take weeks rather than days to complete.
  • Does your air conditioner make strange sounds? The process of replacing a belt takes only a few hours. Even though this type of AC repair is minor, it can cause significant problems if ignored.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing the air filter. Depending on the manufacturer, you will have to change the filter more often or less frequently. Cleaning is easy if you check for light passing through. The bulb needs to be changed if there is no light.
  • In the event of a compressor failure, your air conditioner will not be able to cool your home. Insufficient refrigerant can cause your compressor to overheat and stop working. Too much refrigerant will return to the compressor and cause it to fail.
  • It will be impossible for your air conditioner to function properly if it begins to leak coolant. Repair costs will also depend on where the leak is located. To prevent this from happening, have a trained specialist inspect the situation.

2. When Should One Service Their Air Conditioner?

A cooling system provides better cooling and is more energy efficient when properly maintained. By doing so, you will be able to save money on electricity bills and replacements. Having your air conditioner inspected regularly will save you time and money. Professional AC services provide benefits that last for a long time.

Having your system inspected by a professional from an AC company in Wesley Chapel, FL is a good idea. They should come at least once yearly to ensure everything is working properly. It is always a good idea to have them inspect it, regardless of whether you don’t believe there is a problem.

We provide prompt, high-quality AC repair services at Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC. From broken compressors to AC replacements and repairs, our technicians are capable of repairing common AC issues.

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