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Do Air Conditioners Dry Out Your Home?

The most typical difficulty in the summertime is the extremely high humidity. However, in certain climates, you may notice that your house falls in the opposite category and remains excessively dry. 

Nevertheless, many homeowners would be unaware that the air conditioning units could be the origin of this problem. When moisture levels fall below a certain level, it can be dangerous to your house and family.

How to Identify That Your House Air is Dry?

An air conditioner unit is intended to cool your place and not to serve as a dehumidifier. However, an air conditioner also holds the capacity to eliminate some volume of humidity or moisture from the atmosphere in your house as it cools the place down.  

Given the humidity levels of your place and for how long the AC has been running, it is very likely for your home atmosphere to feel dry. Many homeowners residing in Florida will agree that this is a genuine concern for them, as the weather is already dry in the summers. 

Suppose you feel that the temperature at your place always remains below the desirable or required humidity levels due to an air conditioner. In that case, you can start seeing some visible signs mentioned below. 

  • Persistent aching throats or bloody noses indicate that the air in your place is too dry. 
  • Motionless shocks, breaking of frame-built pieces of furniture, and cracking paint could likewise be the outcome of extremely dry air. 

Why is Your Air Conditioner Drying Your Place?

Air conditioners eliminate moisture, which is additionally referred to as liquid-vapor, from the atmosphere. It is a common phenomenon when cooling the air. When the air hits the chilled evaporator coil inside the compressor, the air conditioner makes the humidity or moisture condense on the grease and empty into the vessel that exits outside. A person can do nothing to limit this condensation except to switch the air conditioner off or raise the temperature and humidity levels. 

How to Enhance the Humidity Levels at Your Place?

To increase the humidity level of your place without jeopardizing the comfort your air conditioner brings to your place, mentioned below are a few things that you can try. 

  • Skip the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans whenever you can. This is remarkably effective if you reside in a small home and cook meals daily. 
  • Take the help of a humidifier that can maintain the humidity levels at your place accurately. 

If you feel the air in your place is excessively dry. You need to identify the signs that show the moisture levels are too low because dry air can cause harm to your well-being and your dwelling. 

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