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Did AC stop working? – Here’s why…

The summertime is here, and it is now the time for the air conditioning units to perform their magic just like they do every summer. With the advent of this season of cool drinks and flip-flops, air conditioners have again become an important part of the summer, and the scorching heat is the reason why you cannot tolerate your AC problems.

Just like any other electric appliance, air conditioning units also require a routine tune-up. This regular tune-up of your air conditioners will always assist you in identifying any possible problems in advance so that they do not convert into a high-priced repair down the lane.

Reasons Why Your AC Stopped Working 

Has your AC suddenly stopped working, or is it not cooling your place properly, then it is time to call for an air conditioning repair in Zephyrhills, FL. However, if you feel like looking for the signs of why your AC is not working, then mentioned below are some of the potential reasons why your air conditioning unit has stopped working – 

Your AC Might be Low on Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the most important part of your air conditioner; it cools your place by removing all the humidity and heat. If your air conditioner produces leaks in its refrigerant ducts, the refrigerant will not cool the surroundings efficiently. 

You can identify the refrigerant leak using various ways of detection. Once identified, examine the problem and initiate necessary steps to repair the leak. 

Problem With a Thermostat

Another reason why your AC can suddenly stop working is a faulty thermostat. Therefore, if you feel that your AC is not cooling properly or is constantly fluctuating, always look at the settings of a thermostat. You can easily fix this problem of the faulty thermostat by altering the temperature level of your air conditioner thermostat.  

If you have a brand-new programmable thermostat, these can sometimes be complicated to program, and there is a problem that it might be set inaccurately. Hence, you must go through the user manual thoroughly in this case and correct the thermostat settings. 

Frozen Coils of the Evaporator 

The evaporator coils of your air conditioning are packed with refrigerant and are accountable for consuming the heat from the atmosphere just like a sponge. When something goes wrong with the refrigerant and the airflow, the coils of the evaporator coil get too cold. This can start sending cool air outside, and you will get warmer air, or the AC can also stop working completely. 

To keep your AC operating accurately throughout the summers, you must get your air conditioner serviced and managed by a specialist. 

If you are also facing a problem with an air conditioner, then you must schedule an appointment with an expert.  Custom Air Conditioning and Air Quality is a prominent company you can pick for your air conditioner repairs in Zephyrhills, FL. Their committed and well-trained experts will always ensure that your AC problems are solved, and it always runs efficiently.