Are Your Electricity Bills Making You Afraid To Run Your AC?

Are you confused because your AC is making you pay hefty electricity bills? Does your air conditioning unit have some internal or external faults? It’s time to know the reason behind these problems instead of ignoring them.

AC Problems That Lead to High Energy Consumption

Investing in a Wrong AC Size

The most common reason AC consumes too much electricity is you chose the wrong AC size. A too-small air conditioning unit has to run constantly and work harder to provide you with cooling. When sizing is the issue, you have to go for AC replacement.

Neglecting AC Maintenance

When you neglect the yearly AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL, then also, the AC unit consumes more energy because of internal wear and tear. Therefore you should get the air conditioner unit service every year to prevent unnecessary and early AC replacement.

Dirty AC Unit

The other reason for this problem is a clogged air filter or clogged condenser. An air filter, in simple words, helps you enjoy a healthier life. It traps many harmful contaminants, but one air filter is not useful forever. That’s why replacing the air filter is essential.

When you don’t replace the air filter, the dirt particles accumulate inside AC and clog other AC components. This clogging disrupts the mechanism of your AC, and as a result, the air conditioning consumes more electricity to satisfy your comfort needs.

Poor Wiring

When the wiring system of your house is not intact, or the insulation is damaged, there will be a fluctuation in the power supply. This fluctuation, when it rises, increases your electricity bills. The fluctuating electricity flow also damages your electric appliance.

If your AC size is accurate, the entire cooling equipment is clean, and you schedule AC service in Wesley Chapel, FL annually, your AC unit consumes high electricity and gets the wiring of your house inspected.

Non-Programmable Thermostat

The non-programmable thermostat needs your constant attention. It cannot automatically adjust the temperature. On the other hand, the smart thermostat reduces and increases the temperature according to the room temperature.

It also senses movement, and you can control your smart thermostat through a mobile app from anywhere. These features of the smart thermostat help you save electricity and cut the cost of your monthly bills.

Open Windows and Blinds

The outside heat increases the room temperature when you keep your windows open or don’t put a blind over them. Then, the AC compressor runs constantly to decrease the temperature, and your AC system increases your utility bills.


These are the reasons behind your rapidly increasing utility bills. For incorrect AC size, you need an AC replacement. An air conditioner repair in Wesley Chapel, FL, can help you troubleshoot the other AC issues.

If you are looking for excellent AC services in Wesley Chapel, FL, Custom Air Conditioning and Air Quality, LLC. can fit your needs. We have been providing comfort to our clients for three decades.

Contact us to receive the best HVAC.

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