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Air Conditioner And Humidity Settings

It’s essential to understand the basics of what high indoor humidity entails before we discuss whether or not your air conditioner influences the humidity levels in your home. The amount of moisture in the air is gauged by its relative humidity. Humidity levels in your home will rise with more moisture in the air.

Do Air Conditioners Have an Impact on Humidity Levels?

  • One of its best features is that air conditioners help cool off your home and decrease humidity levels. When AC operates, humid air from your house is blown over evaporator coils and transported outside.
  • According to experts of AC replacement in Wesley Chapel, when hot, humid air meets cold evaporator coils, condensation forms on the coils and drips off, resembling water running down a can’s sides. This moisture removal successfully reduces the humidity levels in your home.
  • Your air conditioner can remove between 5-20 gallons of water from the air in your home daily, depending on how humid the outside air is.

How Can You Effectively Decrease Humidity Levels?

Ensure Your System is the Correct Size for Your Home

If it is too huge, it won’t function long enough to successfully decrease the humidity levels since its cooling cycles will be too brief. When installing an air conditioner, always work with a reputable company, like AC service in Wesley Chapel, FL, to ensure the system is designed correctly for your house.

Change Your Filter Frequently

When moisture is removed from the home’s indoor air, it drops into a condensate pan beneath the evaporator coils and is drained from the building. Condensate drains can clog if they are not properly maintained. Wesley Chapel air repair experts say this will guarantee that condensation is adequately removed from the system and prevent a water leak.

Utilize the Vents in the Bathroom and Kitchen

These are two areas that can produce a lot of extra humidity. According to AC service in Wesley Chapel, FL experts, while cooking and taking a shower, you can help minimize humidity by operating your ventilation fans and leaving your air conditioner to handle the humidity in your home.

How Do Humidity Levels Affect the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner?

Dehumidifiers like the ones seen in contemporary air conditioning units are not included with older air conditioners. Wesley Chapel air repair experts say the air conditioner won’t effectively cool the rooms on hot summer days.

The air conditioner will need to work harder to maintain the necessary thermal conditions within the house when indoor humidity levels are high, which will necessitate air conditioning repair since it will cause uneven cooling and increase system wear and tear.


Humidity reduces the effectiveness of cooling. You will put the cooling equipment under more stress due to this. Additionally, a home’s high humidity levels might encourage mold and algae growth inside the ducts, which would significantly worsen the interior air quality and cause allergic reactions.

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