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5 Indicators Your AC Needs Repairs

In the summer, when there is intense heat outside, you certainly do not want your air conditioner to break down. As a homeowner of an AC unit, observe any signs that indicate an AC repair service. It will help you improve your AC’s efficiency and make you worry less about your comfort.

Top 5 Indicators That Your AC Needs Immediate Repair Work

Warm Air Coming Out

Sometimes, the warm air replaces the cool AC air. This change is a clear indication that something is wrong with the unit. There can be multiple reasons for this problem that a reputable AC company in Wesley Chapel will explain. Reasons can include:

  • Your system compressor has failed miserably.
  • The capacitor in the evaporator unit has run into some problems.
  • A blown-fuse.
  • Or the refrigerant in the AC is low ebb, and it can only be re-filled by an AC repair expert in Wesley Chapel.

Water Leakage

Water leakage is a critical issue that you must not avoid. The drain pan contains the water collected from the moisture. Once it is brimming, the water proceeds to the condensate drain line and gets released outside your home. If, by chance, the water is dripping into your room, that can mean two things – either the condensate pipe is clogged, or the air filter is dirty. Whatever the reason is, you should hire a professional AC repair in Wesley Chapel immediately.

Increased Energy Bills

Are you getting worried about your recent energy bills? Are they higher than they should have been? Your AC might be one of the reasons. We recommend you choose a reliable AC company in Wesley Chapel and get your AC tuned up. There is a possibility that your AC has collected different problems over time, and the unit is gradually lagging in its quality service.

Unknown Noises

If your HVAC system has been making different sounds, there is a problem-hidden inside. Sometimes, it can be the sound of the motor, fan blades, dirty coils, etc., moving with more effort than they should. Wesley Chapel AC repair service can address this issue and solve it as soon as possible. So, don’t wait around.

Foul Smell from the Vents

If you are wondering if a foul smell comes out of the AC unit or not, we must inform you that it happens and it is not a good sign. Different smells can mean different types of damage to your AC, such as:

  • A rotten egg smell means some rodent is living or has died in your AC vents.
  • The burnt smell relates to the wires in the circuit unit having shorted out.
  • Mildew points to the moisture build-up in your unit and makes one of the reasons for a qualified AC company in Wesley Chapel to visit.


It is now clear when to contact a technician for your HVAC problems. While we appreciate you choosing the most advanced AC repair company in Wesley Chapel, we believe Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality LLC is the right choice.

We offer the most valuable and comprehensive AC service across the state. Let us help you repair your AC and restore your comfort.