5 Causes Of AC Leakage

A leaking air conditioner often points to a technical issue typically brought on by poor AC maintenance. Condensation is a consequence of cooling produced by air conditioners, but when dirt or debris obstructs its drainage, flooding or leaking may happen both within and outside the air handler.

Finding the cause of your air conditioner’s water leak is one of the most frustrating air conditioner faults to solve. Since air conditioners are intricate equipment with several parts, there are many potential places where a leak could occur. Schedule AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL to avoid such issues.

Since air conditioners are electrical appliances, a thorough investigation is necessary to identify the root issue. Professionals should ideally do AC repairs in Wesley Chapel, FL. You may be able to go through some of the straightforward repairs and avoid having to pay a specialist.

Five Causes of AC Leakage

Drain Line Issue

The most frequent reason for water leaks from an air conditioner inside a home is problems with the condensate drain line. You may already be aware that your air conditioner cools by sucking up water vapor from the air, which condenses into water and is then removed.

According to AC companies in Wesley Chapel, condensation gathers on the evaporator coil and drains through the drain line when everything functions correctly. So, when it comes to water leaks, the drain line is the main suspect. The backlog can leak if it becomes blocked with dirt and debris (which are brought into the line with the condensate).

According to Wesley Chapel air repair specialists, another potential problem with the drain pipe is that it might not be firmly attached if your installers didn’t perform a good job. It may come loose due to vibrations, pouring water into your home through your air conditioner.

Solution: If inexperienced installers may build a drain line incorrectly, you should refrain from attempting to fix it yourself. Get a qualified technician for AC repair in Wesley Chapel to prevent more water leaks.

Low Levels of Refrigerant

The device will get excessively cold if the refrigerant levels are too low. It will cause the freezing of the evaporator coil. The concept is comparable to how a clogged air filter can result in leaks in your air conditioner. Although the evaporator coil eventually becomes the source of the freezing, the refrigerant levels are where it all started.

To prevent the refrigerant levels in the system from getting too low and developing into a more significant issue, you should keep an eye on them. Low refrigerant levels will cause your air conditioner to stop cooling your house, which is how you can identify an AC leak.
If so, you’ll need an HVAC expert’s assistance for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Solution: Ask a qualified HVAC technician to examine your refrigerant.

Pan and Pump Problems

Your drain line may dump condensate into a drain pan, which is pumped away by a condensate pump if your interior air conditioner unit (air handler) is situated in the basement.

According to AC companies in Wesley Chapel, if it’s in an attic or crawl space, chances are good that the condensate is being sent outside by a gravity drain line so that you won’t experience this problem. This type of configuration may cause your air conditioner to leak water into your home in one of two ways:

  • An old drain pan may become rusty and develop fractures and holes.
  • The condensate pump could malfunction, resulting in the pan overflowing.

Solution: A corroded pan might be replaceable if you’re handy. For AC repair in Wesley Chapel, you’ll need to hire professionals.

Frozen Coils

Do the evaporator coils have a film of frost or ice on them? It is a severe cause for concern since if your unit continues to operate in this state for an extended period, you risk having a fried compressor, which is quite expensive to repair. Additionally, the complete unit might need to be changed.

Only in this situation, if the leak is discovered in time to prevent compressor failure, can the AC leak within the house be a good thing. According to AC companies in Wesley Chapel, FL you must turn the system off immediately. Reduced airflow over the coils, which frequently results from a blocked air filter and a refrigerant leak, is one cause of frozen coils.

Solution: In this situation, contact a reputable expert for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel.

Soiled and Broken Coils

Have you neglected to perform the yearly AC maintenance? According to Wesley Chapel air repair specialists, your AC coils are covered in dust if they are not cleaned regularly, or the coil insulation can be cracked or damaged.

Instead of flowing into the condensate line, it is deflected by insulation holes, and the accumulated debris drips off the coil. Look for telltale drips off the evaporator coil if you notice small drips and puddles rather than a considerable amount of water.

Solution: You only need a thorough coil cleaning and new insulation. If not, we advise leaving AC repair in Wesley Chapel to the professionals because if you use the incorrect cleaning materials or the wrong approach, you risk damaging the delicate coil fins.

Is Water Leaking from an AC Dangerous?

The people in your house are not necessarily in danger if water is dripping from your air conditioner. According to Wesley Chapel, FL air repair specialists, if you don’t clean it up and fix it right away, it may cause damage to your house.

While water leaks are the most frequent AC unit leaks, there is a remote chance that refrigerant leaks may cause your AC to leak. You must speak with your neighborhood HVAC expert immediately if you suspect this is the situation.


A homeowner may not always be able to fix an air conditioner issue themself. It’s time to bring in the experts if cleaning the drain pan or changing the air filter doesn’t resolve the issue. A qualified Wesley Chapel air repair expert can more quickly identify the issue and make the necessary repairs to stop the leak.

Even if you can identify the issue, it may require a specialist to resolve it. For AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL contact Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC at (813) 592-7879 or drop us a mail. We provide top-notch HVAC services. Contact us today.

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