Why Doesn’t My AC Cool The Whole House?

There are many probable causes for an air conditioner operating, but not producing cool air even while the compressor is working. To find the root issue, hire a reputable air conditioner service in Zephyrhills, FL

Suppose all of these possibilities have been exhausted. In that case, it could be time to look for reputed AC companies in Wesley Chapel, FL to investigate further the cause of your air conditioner running but not cooling.

Simple Fixes

Check out this short and simple list of typical causes that reduce air conditioning performance before assuming the worst. This air repair list should be manageable for you to go through fast. 

To assist the procedure to go more smoothly, make sure you take the following steps before you start checking the things listed below:

  • Verify that all of the windows and doors are shut.
  • Ensure that the supply and return vents are clear and open.
  • Check that the temperature on your thermostat is set to cool and is lower than room temperature.
  • Make sure that all humidifiers are off.
  • On some models, the outdoor unit is equipped with a red reset button close to the refrigerant line. An easy system reset will work in some cases.

How Much Lower can an AC Bring the Temperature Indoors?

An air conditioner’s ability to transport heat can remove enough heat from a home to reduce the temperature by 20°F. It can be made to do less but not more; it can only be configured to do less. The quantity of heat required to get any colder cannot be produced by the compressor and refrigerant that perform heat exchange.

Therefore, on a 100°F day, you may turn the AC down to a cozy 78°F level. The air conditioner will keep running nonstop as it tries—and fails—to reach that thermostat setting if you force your AC to cool more than it can.

Causes of Your AC's Lack of Cooling

Your Thermostat is Not Correctly Set

Checking your thermostat’s setting is one of the easiest things to do during Wesley Chapel, FL air repair. Your AC won’t operate if your thermostat is adjusted incorrectly. Ensure the temperature isn’t set too high or on the heat setting.

Dirty Air Filter

According to air conditioner service in Zephyrhills, FL experts, a clogged air filter can obstruct airflow and result in various issues. Short cycling is when your AC cycles briefly on and off without finishing a complete cooling cycle. 

Your air conditioner must work harder when filters are clogged, increasing energy costs and unevenly cooling your home. You may prevent future issues by routinely cleaning or replacing your air filter, or you can do routine AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel and save money and hassle.

The Condenser Fan Motor Burnt Out

Despite being a simple component, if the fan motor in your air conditioner breaks down, your home won’t stay cool. Since the fan works too hard, it experiences significant wear and tear, which might result in a burned-out motor. 

A malfunctioning motor can be indicated by intermittently operating fans, slowly rotating fan blades, or a fan that won’t turn. You should make a call to an air conditioner service in Zephyrhills, FL specialist at this point. Regular maintenance and reducing dirt and dust in and around your system help stop AC fan motor burnouts.

Failure of the Capacitor

When energy is required, start and run capacitors deliver power to the fan motor and the air conditioner. The start capacitor is signaling it’s time to contact AC companies in Wesley Chapel when it happens, so you might hear a humming from your air conditioner before it starts. 

Your run capacitor may fail if your system randomly switches off, cycles on and off, or delays AC. Once again, you cannot resolve this on your own. Call an HVAC professional for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel.

Failure of the Condensate Pump

Condensate pump testing is a simple do-it-yourself air repair project in Wesley Chapel. Since they are used for cooling and heating, condensate pumps often have shorter lifespans than air conditioners and furnaces (depending on furnace efficiency). Typically, these pumps contain a test button. 

Make sure the basin has some water, and push the test button to ensure the water pump is working. Frequently, a faulty or malfunctioning condensate pump can trip the furnace, preventing it from operating and leaving a pool of water wherever the furnace sits (e.g., basement or, worse, the attic). Call a professional for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel.

Blockages in Vents Reduce Airflow

Another reason your air conditioner isn’t blowing out enough cold air is blocked supply vents. Make sure there isn’t any dirt or dust accumulation in your vents obstructing ventilation.

The issue might also be caused by toys, furniture, or closed dampers. You should move furniture away from registers and look for any blockages that may have unintentionally fallen into your ducts.

Ice on the Evaporator Coil

It indicates that you have a refrigerant leak. Your AC system will continuously run since it cannot maintain the proper temperature in your home. Switch off your system and promptly call an expert for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Dirty Condenser Coil

According to AC companies in Wesley Chapel, the condenser coil’s function is to transfer heat from your house outside. If dirt has accumulated, heat will be trapped inside the air conditioner, forcing it to run longer to attain the desired cooling temperature.


A poorly functioning HVAC system won’t keep you cool in the summer and will significantly raise your electricity bill. Regular maintenance by reputed AC companies in Wesley Chapel will boost cooling output and energy efficiency. Maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner will help lessen the chance of expensive repairs and replacements. 

Each component of your unit needs to be cleaned and inspected at least once every two months and more frequently if you have thicker filters or during the warm months. Call Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC at (813) 592-7879 or drop us a mail to schedule an appointment for air conditioner service in Zephyrhills, FL.

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