Why Does My AC Run Nonstop?

Air conditioners are essential during summers. If your AC runs longer than usual and is not turning off, you need a professional to attend to it. Read more to learn the common reasons why your AC is not turning off, and contact Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning repair for immediate help.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Constantly Running

If your air conditioner is not turning off, it becomes a burden on your electrical bill. These situations could be the results of malfunctioning components. Contact a professional technician if you notice the following problems:

Frozen and Blocked Evaporator Coils

There are high chances that your evaporator coils are covered with dirt, grime, debris, or even ice. This restricted airflow makes your air conditioner system run for long and makes up for the loss of cooling as the heat absorbed by the coils is left out in the house.

Clogged Condenser Coils

When dirt, dust, and debris get collected on the condenser coils, the heat exchange is restricted, ultimately leading to a heated atmosphere. At this point, the air conditioner keeps running to cool your home for a long time.

Dirty and Clogged Air Filters

A clogged air filter blocks airflow through your HVAC system, causing the air to flow back into the vents, thereby keeping the AC on for hours. Keep an eye on the cooling cycles, and change the filters to ensure proper ac functioning when needed.

Coolant Leaks and Low Levels

If the coolant in your air conditioning system is leaking and insufficient for the required cooling, your AC will keep running for hours to reach the desired temperature. Damaged coils, refrigerant lines, and broken circuits are the major reasons for these situations.

Problematic Thermostat

If your thermostat is dirty or has loose connections, the temperature settings between the thermostat and the ac get disrupted, which results in faulty fan adjustments. Remember, when the fan is set to on, it will look like your ac is constantly running, but it will not blow cool air.

Fan and Blower Issues

If your fan and blower motor run very slowly, the system may compensate for this by running too long. Loss of lubrication and dirt on the fan can also hamper its function. Call AC repair Wesley Chapel, FL for instant solutions.

Incorrect Size of the Air Conditioner Unit

There are high chances that your air conditioning unit is insufficient in cooling your house, and that’s why it is running overtime. Certain modifications and decor may also trigger the efficiency of your system.

Poor Electrical Connections

Sometimes the electrical switches get stuck and fuse, due to which the condenser stays on and keeps consuming power. It can be fixed with a few wire alterations but calling a technician is the best possible solution.

Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC is here to help you with AC service in Wesley Chapel, FL, without any worries. Call (813) 592-7879 to schedule an appointment with us. Visit our website to get affordable estimates and plan your budget with us.

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