Why Does My AC Make Such A Strange Sound?

If your air conditioner makes strange loud noises, it could be due to a fault or a problem that requires immediate attention. If your air conditioner suddenly starts making a lot of noise with intense vibrations, you must turn it off. Air conditioner noise can alert you to the presence of a problem before it becomes unfixable or costly to repair.

If your air conditioning system is making strange noises, it may be suffering from one of the following issues.

Dirt Particles Block the Condenser

Sticks, leaves, and other dirt particles can be stuck in the condenser and cause this noise. The banging sound of the air conditioner is not always indicative of a severe problem. If your unit is blocked with bushings, it can be easily repaired.

Small leaves and twigs can get stuck in the condenser if you don’t clean it for a while, so remove the condenser cover to remove the stuck stuff. Contact Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning repair if you have difficulty operating your HVAC unit.

Compressor Problems

Compressors are the heart of an air conditioner and can wear out due to heavy wear and tear, as well as leaks and problems with other components. It is usual for your compressor to make some noise, but if your AC is making more noise than usual, there could be a problem with your compressor. Ignoring noise is dangerous, and the best solution is to air conditioner tune up Wesley Chapel, FL as soon as possible.

Issues With the Fan Motor

Fan motors, also known as dual shaft motors, can cause problems with regular use. It must be oiled regularly to keep the fan motor running smoothly. The fan motor is typically challenging to repair, and ignoring the problem for an extended period can worsen it. If a problem with the fan motor causes the noise in your air conditioner, have it replaced by a Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning repair.

A Loose Fan Blade

Sometimes the AC fan becomes loose and continues to hit your outdoor unit, causing AC noise. Your air conditioner will function normally once the screws are tightened. If the external unit makes a clicking sound, it is most likely due to damage to its fan, which can be repaired by AC repair Wesley Chapel, FL.

Excessive Moisture in Your Air Conditioner

Moisture builds up in the condensate drain line when there is a blockage, and excess moisture in the AC can cause a bubbling sound. When water cannot exit the line, it makes a bubbling and rumbling sound.

Ignoring this kind of noise from your HVAC unit can lead to minor issues that can harm your system’s health in the long run. Rather than replacing the drain line yourself, contact AC repair Wesley Chapel, FL to inspect and repair it.


When your air conditioning system starts making unusual noises, it may be attempting to alert you to a problem that requires your attention. Proper maintenance and regular professional inspections of your air conditioner can help prevent strange noises from coming from it. If you encounter this type of problem, contact Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC as soon as possible so that the root problem can be identified to resolve quickly and you can avoid costly repairs.

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