Which AC System Matches Your Needs?

An air conditioner is a big HVAC appliance, but replacing it with a new one is an even bigger task. If you are replacing your system for the first time, you need to know many details.

Replacing your current air conditioner needs proper planning beforehand. It includes budget planning, which air conditioner to buy, and which company to choose for the installation. Here is a small guide for your reference while you purchase your new model:

1. Make Up Your Mind

Several air conditioner owners tend to go back on their replacement plans as they are unsure whether they need a replacement. You should be sure whether you want to replace your current air conditioner or not. 

A small checklist can help you decide more quickly. Replace your air conditioner if:

  • It is more than fifteen years old.
  • It needs too many repair jobs a month.
  • It increases your energy bills each month even after proper maintenance schedules.
  • It short cycles too much and does not maintain proper indoor air quality levels even after you replace the air filters timely.

If your current air conditioner satisfies more than one condition in the checklist above, you should consider contacting a technician for AC replacements in Wesley Chapel, FL. Spending money on its repair will not lead you anywhere as it is too old to function efficiently.

2. Factors to Consider Before Looking for a Model

You need to be practical when purchasing a new air conditioner, as it will stay with you for more than ten years. 

Here are some points that can help you know which air conditioner you need:

  • You should know how efficient the system you want is. The efficiency of your air conditioner depends on your health needs and home size.
  • Several latest air conditioners offer various features that may suit your preferences and comfort, so research them beforehand.
  • The final price of the air conditioner that you choose is extremely important. Ensure that the model you like stays in your budget.

You can know more about these factors from your technician who provides AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL.

3. Types of Air Conditioners

After knowing all such factors, you should be ready to know about the types of air conditioners you can find in the market. 

If you are bored of the old air conditioners, knowing the various types can help you find the right model with a unique look:

  • The central air conditioner is the most common and efficient one as it can cool the whole house easily, but it needs a lot of energy to work.
  • The new trend is the ductless mini-split air conditioner, and several owners prefer it as it is ductless, but one unit is not enough for the whole house.
  • The windows air conditioner is a cheaper way to your comfort, but it can be a little noisy.


While choosing the right air conditioner, you must consider factors like your home size, the efficiency levels you need, and what models are compatible with your current home conditions. 

All the factors play important roles in deciding the right model for you; ignoring any of these can harm you in the long run.

Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC is the leading name in services related to furnace and AC repair in Wesley Chapel, FL. Allow our years of experience and skills to serve you with high-quality and unique solutions. You can know more about our working methods through our customer care desk.

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