When Should I Have My AC Serviced?

If you are desperate to know whether or not there is a right time to service your air conditioner, we are here to help you with all your inquiries. Regardless of whether your AC is in good condition, it would help if you understood that every air conditioner requires reliable service from time to time.

When you maintain the AC with routined services, its efficiency and durability will last. When exactly is the correct time to get your air conditioner serviced? We are here to solve your doubts and tell you when and how.

When Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

It would help if you considered getting your HVAC system serviced twice a year, or at least once. It can be highly beneficial when you serve it right before it is of much use during the summer season. Apart from a yearly service before the season, you can also check for any defaults that need immediate attention.

It can harm your air conditioner’s efficiency and quality if you feel like it is off-season and procrastinate the servicing.

To get the better out of it, we recommend you get your air conditioner serviced once in spring and fall. This way, your air conditioner is decked up for summer and stays in good condition for longer. It is always safe to rely on Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioner repairs during times of an emergency. When the air conditioner is well-serviced, it enhances the cooling effect and ensures that all the working parts are clean, and the system is working optimally.

Why is It Necessary Every Year?

Regular services enable your air conditioner to work with excellent efficiency and smoothly.

If you fail to service it every year, your air conditioner will likely lose its cooling capacity. Over time, each part, like the condenser drain, condenser, evaporator coils, and air filters, becomes dirty as the dust gets clogged and does not allow fresh air to pass through.

Services Included During the Yearly Maintenance:

  • Each part of the system is lubricated to enable smoothness.
  • Leaks are completely sealed to avoid humid air from flowing inside.
  • Filters are cleaned or replaced with fresh ones.
  • The airflow and electricity consumed are kept in check.
  • Technicians clean the condenser drain.
  • The thermostat is accurately checked.
  • The condenser pump and coils are cleaned up.

In short, all parts of your air conditioner are thoroughly examined by experts inside out. They check all the parts and your AC unit with a keen eye for detail to ensure that your AC works perfectly. Now that you have your answers to all the questions, you can trust us with air conditioner tune-ups in Wesley Chapel, FL whenever you need an extra hand.


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