Ways We Can Assist You With Indoor Air Quality

Stale indoor air can increase the number of allergy-causing dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores in your home. Because there is often no fresh air outside, indoor air quality suffers. Be aware of some allergies and respiratory triggers lurking in your surroundings.

How Can We Help You With IAQ?

HVAC systems can remove dirt and debris from the air. Still, when viruses and bacteria are more prevalent, you need a solution that sanitizes and protects against airborne germs. Look for HVAC installers near me to find out the ways listed in which they can help you to improve your HVAC system and keep you healthy:

  • High-efficiency filters: HEPA filters and other high-efficiency purification systems can remove viruses and bacteria from the environment. Consult with our HVAC specialist to see if a high-efficiency filter will work with your existing system or if you will need to invest in a portable air purifier.
  • UV light and ionization technology: Some air purifiers and other cleaning products use UV light and ionization to kill viruses. We can install these devices inside your HVAC system to eliminate germs before entering your living space.
  • Installing UV germicidal lights: Dust and excess moisture can accumulate in your ductwork, causing mold or mildew to grow. Installing UV germicidal lights in your ductwork can help kill germs and fungi, damaging the biological structure of these contaminants and preventing further growth.

Suggestions for Improving IAQ

  • Examine your ventilation: A working ventilation system is essential because stale air can harbor viruses and bacteria. The fan in your HVAC unit can aid in the removal of odors and contaminants from the various rooms in your home.
  • Clean or replace your HVAC filter: The filter traps dust and debris, preventing them from entering your living space, and cleaning the dirt out of your HVAC filters once a month is ideal.
  • Clean or repair your ductwork: Having your ducts inspected and cleaned can help remove mold or dust that may affect the IAQ of your home. Search for an HVAC servicing near me to tighten ductwork seals and thoroughly clean this complex system.
  • Clean the AC coils: Your air conditioner’s coils provide reliable operation for your HVAC system; you should inspect and clean them yearly.
  • Control humidity: Condensate and drain lines can become clogged, trapping moisture inside and providing a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Turn on your furnace blower: You can increase circulation and ventilation in the winter by turning on your furnace’s blower. Install a filtration system in your furnace to eliminate dust and contaminants.
  • Install a detector for carbon monoxide leak: Various household appliances can produce carbon monoxide gas. Inhaling a high concentration of this gas may cause dizziness; a carbon monoxide detector will alert you.

The HVAC system is only helpful if regularly maintained and kept clean. As outdoor air quality deteriorates, it is time for IAQ systems. If you seek HVAC installers, contact Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC at (813) 592-7879.

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