The Advantages Of An AC Tune-Up

Don’t disregard an air conditioner tune-up in Wesley Chapel, FL until your system malfunctions or stops functioning altogether. The last thing you want on the hottest day of the year is to run out of cool air. Safeguard your system and make sure it operates effectively all year long.

Benefits of Routine AC Tune-up

Up Your AC's Efficiency:

Your air conditioner won’t function as it should if you don’t perform a routine AC tune-up in Wesley Chapel. Spotty AC could indicate that you need to schedule maintenance. Parts lose their cooling capacity due to normal wear and tear and dust accumulation inside the system.

Become More Energy Efficient:

Your air conditioner will gradually lose efficiency and effectiveness if you don’t get regular AC tune-ups. Your energy costs can significantly increase if efficiency even slightly declines. You pay more for less cooling every hour; it runs at a 5–10% lower efficiency.

Avert the Need for Repairs:

An AC tune-up in Wesley Chapel can significantly decrease your risk of a breakdown during the season. Most HVAC technicians believe routine AC maintenance could have prevented 80% of all repairs. You’ve achieved the threshold for return on investment even if your air conditioner only experiences one significant issue throughout its lifespan.

Keep Your Warranty Active:

Most AC warranties cover essential AC parts for many years after installation. It safeguards you against the possibility of a defective or malfunctioning component. Manufacturers’ warranties differ from system to system, but most cover vital parts like the heaters and compressors.

Maintain Your Comfort:

Without routine maintenance, your air conditioner may operate erratically, cool your home slowly, or even experience issues like short cycling. A professional ensuring your system is working at its best is vital, especially given the relatively affordable cost of an AC tune-up.

Extend the System's Lifespan:

Most air conditioners last 12 to 20 years on average. Your system won’t last forever with an AC tune-up, but it will have a better chance of doing so. A system with years of dust and grime buildup has to perform harder, which causes the system to wear out more quickly.

Improve the Quality of Your Home's Air:

Dust accumulation inside of your system can harm comfort and energy costs. The spring allergy season may last well into the summer if dust, dirt, and other pollutants are allowed to accumulate and clog your air filter and build up in your air ducts over time.


An AC tune-up in Zephyrhills, FL, can help improve your IAQ if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to dust. Tune-ups are essential. Your air conditioner must work harder each year to keep your house cool. 

Increased runtime, wear and tear, and energy consumption result from this. That adds up to your air conditioner’s actual mileage. You can depend on us to keep your air conditioner running throughout the summer. 

Choose Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC for trustworthy air conditioning maintenance. Set up an appointment for air conditioner tune-up in Wesley Chapel by contacting us online.

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