Take Action Now! Plan For AC Maintenance This Spring!

An air conditioner may require several expenses during its working span, like AC maintenance, repairs, and servicing. All air conditioner owners should know that their systems need regular professional attention for efficient working. Oftentimes, they tend to avoid it due to extra expenses. 

You should plan for AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL according to your budget.

1.Benefits of AC Maintenance

In exchange for the money you pay to your technician for the maintenance schedule, you receive several benefits that go a long way:
  • Through regular air conditioner maintenance, you enhance the overall lifespan of your system. Annual maintenance ensures that your air conditioner can work efficiently for as many years as possible so that you do not have to replace it early.
  • A maintained air conditioner is more reliable than an unmaintained air conditioner. The parts in a maintained air conditioner work with proper efficiency levels and do not consume too much energy, leading to controlled energy bills each month.
  • Most air conditioners need annual maintenance to maintain their warranty conditions. If you do not maintain your system, it may hinder the warranty conditions, and you would not be able to avail it if your system malfunctions.
  • Annual maintenance is one of the best ways to manage your energy bills. The components in your system will not consume more energy than needed, and your bills will stay within your budget.
  • An air conditioner faces wear and tear damage when it works extensively during summer. Wear and tear damage can significantly reduce efficiency and increase the need for repair jobs.

2. Problems Due To No AC Maintenance

After knowing the several benefits that maintenance provides you with, you can imagine the problems you may face if you continue avoiding it to save yourself from the bill:

  • Your system may stop working at unexpected hours, leaving you all hot and sweaty during the hot daylight hours.
  • Your air conditioner may stop blowing cool air or hot air while working, so your indoor temperature will rise even more.
  • The evaporator coils and other parts in your air conditioner may start freezing or developing ice on their surfaces.
  • You may face leakages like water leakages and carbon monoxide leakages.
  • The ducts and vents in your home may start degrading due to cloggings, blockages, and holes.
  • For several reasons, your system may give off unwanted noises and foul smells while working.
  • An air conditioner has several wires that may short circuit or face problems due to irregular maintenance schedules. Contact a reputed HVAC company in Wesley Chapel air conditioning services.
  • Your air conditioner’s drain pipe and drain pan may face leakages and blockages due to still water.
  • The thermostat connected to your air conditioner may malfunction if it does not receive regular annual maintenance. 


Frequent repair jobs stress your budget, but you can easily avoid them through regular annual maintenance. Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC is one of the best HVAC companies you can find for your HVAC-related problems. We provide emergency services and believe in complete transparency. Contact us to learn about our working process.

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