Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Have you ever noticed how air conditioner issues arise at the worst possible times? Your air conditioner has to exert more energy on hot summer days, which eventually leads to issues down the road. A minor flaw in a component increases the likelihood that it will malfunction when the system’s limits are reached. AC replacement in Wesley Chapel experts advise having your air conditioner serviced regularly.

Warning Indications for Air Conditioning Repairs

Strange Noises

ACs are designed to operate silently, without making any odd noises. A compressor causes the noise an air conditioner makes while operating. An indication of AC breakdown is when you hear strange gurgling noises the machine has never made.

The sounds may be brought on by an aging motor, problems with the blower fan, missing parts, or refrigerant leaking. Call an AC replacement in Wesley Chapel, FL specialist as soon as possible to fix it and prevent costly damage to other components.

Rapid Cycling

You might anticipate seeing your air conditioner turn on more frequently when it’s extremely hot outside. The intervals between times the device works should be pretty constant. Even on cool days, if you see your air conditioner cycling more frequently than usual, you may require AC repair in Wesley Chapel or a replacement unit.

Ice Buildup

Sure, your air conditioner should be frigid. However, a problem must be fixed if ice develops on the parts, particularly the evaporator coil. This issue will probably be visible to you because of the pool of water accumulating beneath your air conditioner. In this case, you will need to arrange Wesley Chapel air conditioning repair.

A Lot of Indoor Humidity

When the humidity and heat are raging outside, one benefit of an air conditioner is that it controls the internal humidity. Between 30 and 50 percent is the recommended indoor humidity level. Above that, your home may seem stuffy and may promote mold growth.

It’s time to get an emergency AC repair in Wesley Chapel, FL if you find yourself wiping sweat from your forehead while being inside. Remember, too low humidity can also be an issue, perhaps causing eye and sinus irritation.

Bad Odors

Your cooling system shouldn’t require nose-holding indoors. However, it’s probably a sign that your air conditioner needs a tune-up or a thorough cleaning. It may also be important to clean or replace your ductwork.

Having an AC replacement in Wesley Chapel expert do regular maintenance is one approach to help prevent this issue. It can identify issues before they become problematic.

Warm Air

When your air conditioner operates correctly, you can generally anticipate a consistent stream of chilly air flowing from the vents. You might observe that even if the fan is still operating, the air is still warm or even hot.

The air will move faster if you turn on the fan, but it won’t be all that cool. An AC repair in Wesley Chapel expert with the right expertise and experience can resolve the issue and restore proper operation to your air conditioner.

Tripped Breakers

You may have an electrical issue if you need to reset the breaker for the air conditioner when running regularly. You should prioritize this issue for urgent AC repair in Wesley Chapel. Electrical issues might not only make your air conditioner inoperable but also pose a risk, especially if you can smell burning.

You should never attempt electrical problems on your own. Trust a reputed Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning repair company with experience handling electrical components.

Weak Airflow

A trickle of chilly air may still be coming through your vents, that can warn your air conditioner’s parts are deteriorating or breaking down. It could be straightforward, like a blocked air filter and the motor. Hiring a specialist in AC repair in Wesley Chapel is the only way to be specific.

The Fan is Broken

Your outdoor central air conditioner’s fan should run whenever the device is in use. It is done to vent heated air outside, but if that fan isn’t functioning correctly, the AC compressor can overheat and harm the device. Call a professional for Wesley Chapel air conditioning repair.

Exceptionally High Bills

The device has to work harder to produce the same amount of output when the AC components are worn out. Despite running the AC for the same amount of time, you’ll see that your energy costs are starting to go up.

A damaged thermostat, obstructions in your air conditioner’s ductwork, or coolant leaks can all lead to higher rates. No matter what is creating the issue, you must have the system fixed. Fixing the AC will be more cost-effective in the long term than using it inefficiently.

The Thermostat is Broken

Maybe the temperature on your thermostat no longer seems to match the temperature in the room, or maybe the thermostat doesn’t turn on when you set it to. The thermostat might have a problem with it. In this case, you need to call an AC company in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Low Refrigerant

To cool down, central air conditioners need refrigerants. However, a broken air conditioner or low electricity levels suggest your system is probably leaking. No ordinary person should attempt to recharge their refrigerant. A reputed AC company in Wesley Chapel knows the best refrigerant to use and can help identify the issue to stop the leak.


Even though most homeowners lack HVAC expertise, they are accountable for maintaining their air conditioning systems. If your air conditioner doesn’t completely break down, it can be challenging to identify the problem, but once you know the problem, it becomes simple.

Watch out for the indications mentioned, that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. If these problems aren’t resolved, they can become more serious. Give a trusted AC company in Wesley Chapel a call if you believe these warning indications show that your air conditioner is about to fail.

Contact Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC at (813) 592-7879 or drop us a mail to schedule an appointment for an AC replacement in Wesley Chapel, FL.

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