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Signs that You Need a New Heater

Winter is when furnaces are always in full use, especially when you live in extremely cold regions. As some might know, the average lifespan for a furnace that has been well kept can be up to 20 years. Apart from the yearly checks, a furnace that has been well maintained will not need to call for heating services Zephyrhills, FL that often. However, that doesn’t mean the end isn’t near. Once you notice that your furnace has begun to break down frequently regardless of the constant calls for heating repair Zephyrhills, FL, the time has come to consider a new heater.

Warning Signs that You Need a New Heater! 

Though these signs might not be noticeable separately, if you begin to notice more of the signs showing up simultaneously, it is high time for an update. Look out for signs such as:  

Older than 15 years

Though a furnace might be well-maintained after it crosses 15 years, it begins to wear out. This could be due to the constant calls for heating services Zephyrhills, Fl for repairs or tune-ups. Your heater’s efficiency will begin to run down, which can result in cold spots appearing around your home. Once you notice that the old heater is giving trouble more frequently, then the time for a change has arrived. 

Increase in utility bills

One of the main signs seen often is an increase in your utility bill. This increase could be a gradual one or even a sudden hyke. This often happens due to old heaters needing to use a larger amount of energy to be functional. Some parts of your heater could have worn out, and due to continuous calls for heating repair Zephyrhills, FL, and tune-ups, may have lost their original efficiency. 

The appearance of strange noises

Even though furnaces generally do make a noise when they are being used, there is a difference in sound between that and weird noises. This could be a rattling noise that keeps on persisting or even a loud popping or banging sound. These noises generally occur towards the end of a heater’s lifespan, which in turn causes your heating to turn on and off on its own. Once you begin to notice this, then it is time to seek a new heater.  

Repairs required too often

This can be seen as one of the first signs of a new heater being needed. Though it is ideal to have your heater checked and repaired at least once a year, old heaters begin to need repair works more frequently towards the end of their lives. Though heating services Zephyrhills, FL, provide maintenance for your heaters to prolong their lives, there comes a time when this does not work anymore. At this point, it is only ideal for getting a new heater. 

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