Off-Season Maintenance – Air Conditioners

The hot summers have haunted us for quite a while now, and now the fall season lies ahead. Our air conditioning units have been working intensely this summer, and they have helped us battle the heat waves, but now as fall and winter seasons approach, we keep our A/Cs switched off. At least we use it far less than we did in the summer. And even this can be problematic because if the machine remains unused for a prolonged period, its working efficiency goes down, leading to more energy consumption, a reduction of the lifespan of the A/C unit, and therefore demands the need for professional intervention by AC company in Wesley Chapel, FL.

What Parts Need Changing?

  • Air Filter: This part of the HVAC system maintains the quality of air expelled by the indoor A/C unit by trapping all the dust particles from the air it filters and cools. Therefore, this part of the A/C needs occasional cleansing and a few scenarios, frequent replacement throughout the year. This practice is to be followed, even when the off-season arrives. Failing to do so might end up clogging the filter units and reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner. So when the time comes to reuse the A/C frequently, the system gets overworked, and its life span reduces. Wesley Chapel, FL air conditioning repair services can aid in ensuring this.
  • Ducts: Another component responsible for air purification is the ducts via which the cooled air gets delivered into our homes. These ducts are also prone to clogging and impurity attacks, like the filters, and impact the expelled air. Debris builds on the inner walls of the ducts affecting the quality of cooling immensely. Duct cleaning needs professional help which can be found online via AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL browser searches.
  • Evaporator and Condenser Coil: Condensation is bound to occur as the A/C unit converts hot or warm air to cool air. The evaporator coils cool the refrigerant, converting it into vapor so that it absorbs heat from the warm air. Then the cooled refrigerant moves to a compressor, which converts it to hot gas and directs it to the condenser coil which displaces it to the exterior. During these processes, condensate liquid formed flows into a condensate pan or drain. These steps must occur smoothly and occasional drain checks for water flow and blockages are essential before the off-season begins. The coolant or refrigerant levels also need to be looked into carefully.

Apart from these, electrical circuitry, thermostat calibration, motor fans are all to be looked into for damages and dysfunctionalities before the off-season.

Carrying out a maintenance routine for the off-season benefits the user by preventing excess bills, and higher maintenance costs due to damage or replacement hassles and increases the lifespan of the instrument. For off-season air conditioner maintenance in Zephyrhills, FL, and Wesley Chapel, contact us today.

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