Air Conditioning Repair In Lakeland, FL

Air Conditioning Repair in Lakeland, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Living in Lakeland, FL, we know how important it is to have a reliable air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the year. If you’re experiencing issues with your AC, don’t suffer in the heat – call Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC for reliable and efficient air conditioning repair services in Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated company, we have served the community since 2004, providing top-notch HVAC solutions to residential and commercial clients. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to diagnose and fix any AC issue, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service to all our customers.

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Common Air Conditioning Problems and Their Solutions

Your air conditioning system is a complex network of components, and any malfunction can disrupt your home’s cooling efficiency. Here are some common AC problems you might encounter and their solutions:

  • Inadequate Cooling: This issue may be due to a clogged air filter, refrigerant leak, or malfunctioning thermostat. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and provide the necessary solutions to restore your AC’s cooling efficiency.
  • Strange Noises: If you hear unusual sounds from your AC, it could indicate a loose or damaged component. Our experts can identify the noise source and perform the required repairs to ensure your system operates quietly.
  • Frequent Cycling: Short cycling, where your AC turns on and off frequently, can be caused by a dirty air filter, low refrigerant levels, or a malfunctioning thermostat. We can address the underlying issue and restore proper cycling to your system.
  • Water Leaks: Leaking water from your AC unit can indicate a clogged condensate drain or a refrigerant leak. Our technicians can unclog the drain or repair the leak to prevent further damage to your system.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: A frozen evaporator coil is often caused by restricted airflow or low refrigerant levels. We can troubleshoot the problem and provide the necessary repairs to restore proper function to your AC.

AC Repair Process at Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC

hen you choose Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC for your air conditioning repair needs in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas, our experienced technicians follow a thorough process to diagnose and address issues with your air conditioning system. Here’s a detailed look at what we do during the AC repair process:

  1. Comprehensive System Inspection:
    • Our technicians conduct a detailed inspection of your AC system to identify the root cause of the problem.
    • We examine all components, including the air filter, thermostat, condensate drain, evaporator coil, and more.
  2. Diagnostic Assessment:
    • We perform a diagnostic assessment using advanced tools and equipment to pinpoint the specific issues affecting your AC’s performance.
    • We assess common problems such as inadequate cooling, strange noises, frequent cycling, water leaks, and frozen evaporator coils.
  3. Transparent Communication:
    • We believe in transparent and honest communication with our customers. Our technicians explain the identified issues and proposed solutions clearly and understandably.
  4. Efficient Repairs:
    • With years of experience and certification, our technicians perform efficient and effective repairs using the latest industry-standard techniques.
    • We address problems like clogged air filters, refrigerant leaks, and damaged components to restore your AC’s optimal function.
  5. Quality Assurance:
    • Before completing the repair, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the system functions properly and efficiently.
      We aim to provide reliable and long-lasting solutions to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Experienced and Certified Technicians

At Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLC, we understand the importance of having a reliable air conditioning system, especially during Lakeland’s hot and humid summers. That’s why we employ only experienced and certified technicians who are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing all major AC brands and models. Our technicians receive regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry standards, and they are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure efficient and thorough repairs.

We take a personalized approach to every repair job, thoroughly inspecting your system to identify the root cause of the problem and providing the necessary solutions to restore your AC’s function. In addition to our repair services, we also offer AC installation and maintenance services.

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