Is A High-Efficiency Air Conditioner A Method To Ensure Lower Bills?

You might ignore AC maintenance to save yourself from regular payments to the HVAC technicians; but as result, you may be putting your air conditioner’s lifespan in danger by not paying attention to its overall efficiency. If you have doubts about the importance of AC services despite endlessly searching for air conditioner installation near me, you can trust us to guide you through each step forward.

Why is Air Conditioner Service Necessary?

A professional HVAC technician takes care of the parts that need minimal repairs and cross-checks your air conditioner unit’s performance. When you ask a technician for an air conditioner tune-up in Wesley Chapel, FL you will most likely find your air conditioner seeming like the latest top model after service. In a standardized tune-up, the experts ensure that:

  • Your air filters are wiped out clean.
  • Your system efficiency is improved.
  • The evaporator ducts are clean.
  • Your air conditioner’s condenser coils and the drain system are dirt-free.
  • Your refrigerant is working properly.
  • There are no leaks or broken parts.

Make sure you request a professional to help you with the servicing and repairing. It enhances the quality of your air conditioner.

Is a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner a Method to Ensure Lower Bills?

Yes! When your air conditioner has a regular service, the system works efficiently. It improves the balance of your indoor space temperature and does not work too hard to provide a cool effect. An efficient system works smoothly without any effort or the requirements for repairs. Therefore, a high-efficiency air conditioner will help in minimizing the energy bills.

There are two things to keep in mind about your AC’s efficiency. One is the Energy Efficient Ratio, and the other is Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio.

While pondering on what these technical terms mean, keep in mind that these two, EER and SEER are the ratios determining the cooling capacity of your air conditioner. A good ratio of an efficient air conditioner is considered 12:16. If the ratio of EER is below 8.5, your air conditioner is not quite efficient up to its standards. Whereas the ratio of SEER can range from 15 to 25, it is a highly-efficient air conditioner model.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Highly Efficient Model

Flexible Speed Blower Fan

A flexible speed blower fan is a great option when choosing a highly efficient air conditioner because it allows the system power to come down up to 60% when full working capacity is not needed. It allows the blower fan to work at different speeds while cutting down additional electricity without harming the comfort level of your indoor space.

Flexible Compressor

When your compressor is flexible, the system can work at different speeds and stages as per the need without consuming more energy. It will prevent your system from consuming 100% energy when it is not even necessary at certain times. Your air conditioner will automatically adjust its compressor without compromising the cooling effect.


It is important to consider a high-efficiency air conditioner as a great method to ensure lower bills as it offers you good efficiency and ensures that there are not too few or too frequent cycles in your system. An efficient system helps dehumidify your indoors at ease. If you find it difficult to keep the technical things in mind while opting for a service, you can rely on our air conditioner repairs in Wesley Chapel, FL.

At Custom Air Conditioning and Air Quality, LLC, we provide quality air conditioner tune-ups in Wesley Chapel. We trust in our long-standing relationship with our customers and believe in gaining the same level of trust from their end. To schedule an appointment for our specialized services for your AC, get in touch with us or leave us a mail at [email protected].

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