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How To Reset Air Conditioning Unit 

Air Conditioning Repair In Wesley Chapel, FL and Surrounding Areas | Custom Air Conditioning & Air Quality, LLCDuring the summer, homeowners rely on their air conditioners to keep them cool. While these systems perform admirably year after year, they are prone to malfunction. You might decide to reset your air conditioning if problems arise. However, because there are so many various types of AC maintenance Wesley Chapel, figuring out how to reset one might be difficult. Fortunately, restarting an air conditioner is a straightforward process.

Please continue reading to learn four simple steps for resetting an air conditioner, including when it’s appropriate to do so.

Step 1: The First Step is to Turn off the Air Conditioning Unit.

To begin, ensure your thermostat is turned off. After that, turn your air conditioner off. You can accomplish this by locating the AC unit’s cutoff switch. Finally, shutting down your computer is a critical safety measure that you should always do. An electrical shock or other complications could occur if you skip this step.

Step 2: Is to Locate the Circuit Breaker Box.

The next step is to find the circuit breaker box for the air conditioner. This box is most commonly seen in basements, closets, crawl spaces, or on the side of a house. Once you’ve found it, turn off the switch that controls your air conditioner.

Step 3: Sit Tight and Wait.

Wait 60 seconds after switching the switch that controls your air conditioner. It’s good to let folks in your house know you’re resetting breakers before turning off the power. Return the switch to the “on” position when the entire minute has passed.

Step 4: Turn the Air Conditioning Unit Back on.

Wait another 60 seconds once the 60 seconds have elapsed and you’ve switched the switch. This enables the unit to self-reset. Then, return to your thermostat and turn the air conditioner back on once a full minute passes.

Step 5: Double-check That it’s Working.

After adjusting the thermostat, double-check that the problem has been resolved. Set your thermostat to the temperature you want and wait a few minutes. If you detect cool, comfortable air emanating from your vents, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is in good operating order.

Follow these simple steps if you need to reset your air conditioning service Zephyrhills, FL. However, there are several situations where resetting the air conditioner is not recommended. In addition, certain air conditioners require a different procedure for resetting the system. 

Learning how to reset a central air conditioner is very simple. However, there are occasions when it’s best to leave it to the pros. For dependable AC service, contact us today!