How Long Does AC Last In Florida?

Many experts believe that an air conditioning system should last between 15 and 20 years. However, because of the subtropical humidity, regular use, and the salt, sulfur, and other natural compounds in the air, AC systems in Florida and other hot, wet coastal regions tend to survive around 5 to 7 years less than in other states.

In Florida, the typical lifespan of an air conditioning system is closer to 8-14 years. However, your results may vary depending on where you reside and how well you maintain and preserve your machine, and regularly call experts for air conditioning service Zephyrhills, FL.

Also, if you’ve recently obtained an air conditioning system or are planning to purchase a new AC unit, understanding how long an air conditioner unit will last can be beneficial.

A Quick Guide to How Long Do Air Conditioning Units Last in Florida

The crucial thing to understand about your air conditioning system is that the more you use it, the sooner it will malfunction and demand Wesley Chapel, FL air repair. This is because living in Florida means experiencing year-round high temperatures. Meaning your air conditioner is working extra hard to provide cooling.

When the unit isn’t simply spewing out cool air at a consistent rate, it is attempting to keep your house at a constant temperature. It has to work much more to keep the temperature stable when it gets hotter and muggier.

So, as a general rule, the longer you work it, the shorter it will last. However, that being said, there are numerous things you can do to regulate your home’s temperature and reduce the strain on your AC unit.

The Significance of Routine Maintenance and AC Replacement in Wesley Chapel

It is not like you should pair up your AC unit and drive it directly into the ground. You will get compensated if you take good care of it during its life. Also, a new machine is prohibitively expensive, far more so than a simple tune-up here and there. 

On the other hand, allowing a unit to run unattended may result in the machine lasting only ten years. In addition, it is a great idea to get your unit inspected every few years or so. 

It is merely a preventive procedure to ensure that everything is in order and that no problems are on the way. Second, keep an eye on the relative humidity in your home. An evaporator coil in an air conditioning machine works to remove humidity from the air before it gets delivered into your home. 

You may have a chilly home when it fails, but the humidity will rise and throw everything off. 

So, if you detect an increase in the humidity in your house, it’s time for a check-up. Finally, if your machine malfunctions, your electricity cost will skyrocket. This is because an aging machine consumes more energy to do the task.

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