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AC Tune-Ups Shouldn’t be Ignored!

Are you tired of Googling ‘air conditioning installation near me’, only to be left disappointed? Are you asking yourself whether or not your air conditioner needs a tune-up?

In this article, we are going to end all your exhaustive searching. We will help you understand the importance of tuning up your AC.

Why is AC Tune-up so Important?

You might assume that it is okay to skip the maintenance of your air conditioner and it will be fine. But, this is not the case. AC tune-ups are important because during extremely hot weather, only when your air conditioner is tuned up will it work up to your expectations.

Ignoring your AC tune-up will harm the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, further causing harm to your system’s warranty. You can also find our reliable services like air conditioner tune-up in Wesley Chapel to help you out.

Three Benefits of Tuning Up Your Air Conditioner:

Tune-up is Cheaper Than a Repair

When you regularly maintain the AC, there are very few chances for any major repairs. Like ‘prevention is better than cure, it is safe to trust experts to tune up the system before it costs you more than it normally would.

Improves the System Efficiency

Tuning up the air conditioner will improve the overall efficiency of the system. When it is regularly maintained, you will always enjoy staying in your comfort zone. Regular tune-ups help boost performance and consume less energy.

System Longs Laster

Tuning up your air conditioner improves the overall system working. Your air conditioner will work perfectly fine without working much harder. The lower the repairs are, the longer your system will last. The tune-ups boost your system as if it were a new functioning system purchased from the store.

What is Done During a Tune-up?

Once your air conditioner is tuned up, these are the few things to ensure your system works perfectly:

  • The dirty air filters are replaced.
  • The condensation drain, condenser, and the evaporator coils are cleaned.
  • The thermostat is thoroughly tested.
  • Any refrigerant leaks are properly sealed.
  • The blower handle and fan are cleaned.
  • All the electrical systems are tested and checked.
  • The relay circuit and capacitor are tested properly.
  • The HVAC technicians examine overall performance.


AC tune-ups are essential, so always note particular dates for regular tune-ups. You can also contact us for all types of AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel.

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